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The following views are available.

  • Ticker (Integrated)

    Ticker (Integrated) displays entire list of securities and contracts from the applied portfolio.

    View Ticker (Integrated)

    1. To view Integrated Ticker, click View > Ticker (Integrated). Alternatively, press Shift + F4; right- click the ticker and select and apply the Portfolio.

    2. To customize the tickers, click on the Ticker and select the appropriate color, font, layout options from the displayed Customize window .

      See an example of Integrated Ticker 

  • Ticker (Spot)

    Ticker (Spot) displays only the contracts included from the applied portfolio.

    1. To view Spot Ticker, click View > Ticker (Spot); right- click the ticker and select and apply the Portfolio.

    2. To customize the tickers, click on the Ticker and select the appropriate color, font, layout options from the displayed Customize window .

    See an Example of A Spot Ticker

  • Index

    Index window  displays latest calculated indices. It tracks the current trend of the index values on a regular time basis and updates information as the market variations occur.  

    • Index Graph - graphical representation of the movements

      View Index information graphically

    1. Click View > Index > Index Graph. Alternatively, press Shift + Page Up ;  double-click an index figure on the Index Ticker. A graphical representation of the selected index is displayed.

    2. The graph is plotted on the graph toolbar is available that enables viewing various graph attributes.

    3. To view index information for a plotted point, click the required point or drag the required area. With the left mouse button pressed, drag the mouse across a range of points and view the details.

    4. To display graphically the open, high, low, close price values of the scrip, right-click inside the window and select OHLC.

    5. To view multiple scrips and watch the variations in the same window, select Manage Scrips toolbar icon.

    6. To configure and customize the graph attributes, select Properties toolbar icon or select Properties on right-clicking the window.


    1. Configuring the General Chart , Plot Area properties.

    2. Preview a customized chart .

  • Bhav Copy

    Bhav Copy gives an overview of fluctuations, and the trade volume of all contracts that are published by the Exchange based on the market session. Usually, a Bhav Copy is broadcasted at the end of each trading session. ODIN™ Diet provides an exclusive Bhav Copy for each market segment .

    View Bhav Copy

    1. Click View > Bhav Copy > Bhav Copy (Equity)/(Derivatives)/MCX/NCDEX/MCXSX.  The  respective Bhav Copy window is displayed with OHLC Price details and 52W High/Low values. The displayed details can be saved for future reference. The Bhav Copy can be converted into a Text File Format or downloaded locally.

    2. To convert the Bhav copy into text format, right-click inside the Bhav Copy window; select Save As and specify the location where you want to save.
  • Trades

    Trade Book provides trade details. Using the Trade Book, you can view the orders, which are executed. For viewing selective transaction output, the Trade Filter window can be used.

    Applying Filter conditions in Trades

    1. Highlight a security in the Market Watch window.

    2. Click View> Trades. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon  or press F8. The Trades window is displayed for that particular scrip. Press F8 again, will invoke the Trades Book [All} window.

    3. Right-click inside the Trades window and select Filter from the various right-click options available. The Trade Filter window is displayed. By default, it displays Trades from all Instrument Types.

      As required, apply the conditions you want in the filter and Click Apply.  Accordingly, the conditional output is displayed

      See an Example

      The example shows the Trade Book applied with the following condition - only the Sell orders are displayed - using the Trade Filter.

      Trades Online Backup

      1. Right-click inside the Trades window.

      2. Click Online Backup. The Online Backup window is displayed to take the Trades backup.

      3. If required, click Change... to modify the backup location.

      4. Click Generate File. The Trades backup is taken.

  • Net Position

    Net Position displays the net position details for all instrument types or contracts or commodities. You can view daily net position for all instruments with details like contracts, total buy/sell quantity, buy/sell average, net quantity, net average, net value, net price along with the MTM G/L and MTMV Positions.

    • The negative (-) Net Quantity indicates a Sold position.

    • The positive Net Quantity indicates a Bought position.

    • The negative (-) Net Value signifies the negative Amount.

    • The positive Net Value signifies the positive Amount.

    View Net Position Details Based on Product Type

    1. Click View > Net Position. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon  . The Integrated Net Position window is displayed with the position details of the executed transactions.

    2. Select Product type as Margin/Delivery/MTF/PTST. The respective Product Type details are displayed in Net Position window.

      See an Example

      The example shows the Net Position for Margin Product Type.

      Square off the Net Position

      1. Click View > Net Position. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon  . The Integrated Net Position window is displayed with the position details of the executed transactions.

      2. Right-click inside the window and select Square-off. The respective Order Entry window is displayed.

      3. Submit the order. Accordingly, the Net position is squared-off.

        See an Example

        The example shows the Squared Off Net Position.

        Position Conversion

        1. Click View > Net Position. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon  . The Integrated Net Position window is displayed with the position details of the executed transactions.

        2. Right-click inside the window and select Position Conversion options  as one of the following: Convert Buy Position, Convert Sell Position, Convert Net Position. The Conversion window is displayed.

        3. Type Quantity.

        4. Click Convert. On authentication, the position is converted from Margin to Delivery.

  • Message Log

    Message Log window contains all the messages such as market messages, order confirmations, trade confirmations, auction messages, and system messages.

    View Message Log

    1. Click View> Message Log. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon  or F10. The Message Log window is displayed with details.

    2. Right-click inside the Message Log window.  Point to View on the shortcut menu and select the type of message you wish to see, from the message log sub-menu. The corresponding messages are displayed in the window. The title bar of the message displays the selected type of the message.

     The example shows the Message Log details.

  • Security Information

    Security Information is a detail market information of the selected security updated on real-time basis. It includes intricate market synopsis specifying the Face Value, AVM Buy and Sell, Qty Freeze percentage.

    1. Click View > Security Information. Alternatively, Shift + F7 or click the toolbar icon. The Security Information window is displayed.

    2. Select the Exchange and enter the Symbol. The related information is displayed.

    See an Example of security from NSE is selected.

  • Contract Information

    Contract information displays contracts belonging to the Commodity, spot, future or option segments. ODIN™ Diet provides the same on real-time basis, facilitating quick user-responses during placing orders.

    View Contract Information

    1. Click View > Contract Information/ press Shift +F8. The Contract Information window is displayed.

    2. Select Exchange. Accordingly, specify the Instrument Type, Instrument Name, Symbol and Expiry Date.

    3. Alternatively, highlight a Contract in the Market Watch window and invoke the Contract Information window . Simultaneously, the window displays the contract details.

    The example shows contract information of Symbol FIN .

  • Admin Messages

    Admin Messages includes a chronological logs of the entire messages that arrive from the Administrator.

    View Admin Messages

    1. Click View > Admin Messages. The Admin Messages window is displayed.

    The example shows Admin Messages.

  • Surveillance Watch

The Surveillance Watch window is used to view the information regarding the risk, a particular user is subjected to, for all the securities. This information can be sorted on a daily basis or for a particular settlement/expiry. The details displayed in this window gives an idea of the exposure a user is subjected to using the ODIN™ system.

View Surveillance Watch

  1. Click View > Surv Watch. The Surveillance Watch window is displayed along with the Filter.

  2. Specify the filter conditions as required.

  3. Select the Exchange and Instrument type in the list.

  4. Select the required view.

  5. Click Apply. The surveillance watch details are displayed in the window.

The example shows Surveillance Watch Details.

  • Indices View 

Indices View displays all indices of all market segments. This view is available by default on your logon to ODIN™ Diet. To view the Indices, click View > Indices View. The Index View window is displayed.

  • Full Screen

    Full Screen hide all menus and display only the work areas in ODIN™ Diet. To do so, click View > Full Screen. To restore, click Close

  • Client Risk Preferences Watch

    Client Risk Preferences Watch window is a single window from which we can view settings of client risk preferences of all the id's.

    View Client Risk Preferences Watch

    1. To view, click View > Client Risk Preferences Watch. The Client Risk Preferences Watch window is displayed with details.

    The example shows Client Risk Preferences Watch details

  • Download Status

    Download Status displays list along with the count of packets received at the login time.

    View Download Status Details

    Click View > Download Status. The Packet Download Status window is displayed with details.

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