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Net Position                                                       

Net position tracks complete position details for various market segments. It also allows viewing position details, squaring off  positions and converting positions from one product type to another product type.

This topic provides reference about:

  • View Net Position Details

  • Square off the Outstanding Position of a Security

View  Net Position Details

  1. Click Trading à Net Position menu. Alternatively, press Ctrl +F6. The Net Position page is displayed with following details:

    • Exchange  

    •  Square Off

    •  Instrument

    • Symbol

    •  Series

    •  Expiry Date

    • Strike Price

    •  Option Type

    •  MTM

    • Net Quantity

    •  Average Net Price

    •  Net Value 

    • Buy Quantity

    •  Buy Value

    •  Average Buy Price

    • Sell Quantity

    • Sell Value

    • Average Sell Price

    • Last Traded Price

    • Product Type


  1. Select Position as Daily or Expiry.

  2. Click Submit. Based on the selected conditions Net Position page is displayed.

  3. Click Refresh, to refresh the net position details in the Net Position page.

  4. Click Export to Excel icon exportoexcel.gifto export details in an excel sheet.

  5. Click print.gif, to print the report.

To collate information based on a column, drag the column heading at the top of the grid. The grouping of that column is displayed. For example, dragging the Exchange, generates the Grouping on the Exchange.


Square off the Outstanding Position of a Security

  1. Click Trading à Net Position menu. Alternatively, press Ctrl +F6. The Net Position page is displayed with details.

  2. Click the Square Off squareoff.gif link to square off the open position in the market for that particular trading day. Notice that the focus changes to the price field in the Order Entry pane. You need to type in the quantity and price to submit the order.

  3. Click Submit. The Order Entry pane is displayed for confirmation. On confirmation a new Buy/Sell order is added to the Order Book pane and the order status and confirmation messages are displayed in the Online Messages pane at the bottom of the order-entry pane.

For Buy positions, sell order entry pane will be displayed; and for Sell positions buy order entry pane will be displayed.

To arrange the column data in ascending or descending order, click the respective column heading.

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