Adopting the best-in-class global auction software and customising it to meet the unique needs of the domestic market, we offer auction services that facilitate both buyers and sellers in the form of:

  • Clearance auction for banks and government agencies
  • Procurement auctions

Our mobile e-auction app has been developed based on latest technologies, keeping in mind farmers and non-techie users. Simple User Interfaces and an Open Architecture are some of the key objectives factored in while designing this NextGen App to provide a delightful experience. This has made our platform:

Scalable, reliable and transparent

Our Mobile app is designed to scale high volumes with more reliability and transparency. Each operation will be registered within the system in a way that is transparent, publicly verifiable and virtually impossible to falsify.


In order to remain compatible within the “real time” constraint of live auctions (that is, those physically run by an auctioneer), it ensures that each higher bid is validated in less than 1 second.

Low cost

The technical consensus mechanism selected will make it possible to secure highly reduced transaction costs for the end user.

User Friendly

The app is designed so that it can be used by any type of user to achieve their tasks/operations/processes with effectiveness, efficiency and a satisfied trading experience. The visual design is the most obvious element of this app in terms of the style of visual presentation, the number and types of graphic images and colours, etc. This is because we believe that at the end of the day, usability is one of the key factors that will truly make or break user acceptance of an application

Enabling in-App calling

Enabling users to connect to the auction dealing desk as well as support centre with a single click

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