The ancient philosophy of Yoga has immense relevance in all walks of life. On International Yoga Day, here is a look at the top 4 principles that entrepreneurs can learn from Yoga and apply in their businesses for success

Others | 21 June 2018

The ancient philosophy of Yoga has immense relevance even today. Most people know it as a form of exercise that does wonders for the mind and body. Yet there’s more to it. Yoga teachings can be applied to achieve success in various facets of life. Being Yoga day today, a look at 4 principles of Yoga that could stand entrepreneurs in good stead if practiced as a way of life…

Discipline: One of the most basic principles of Yoga is discipline. Without it, there is no sustainable benefit that can be achieved. This principle could be applied to any aspect of our lives and especially entrepreneurship. Without discipline in every aspect of a business – be it finance, operations, human relations, production – a company cannot function seamlessly over the long run and achieve scale.

Perseverance and patience:  To many, Yoga seems like a slow approach to wellness, especially in this fast paced world. What they miss is that it teaches patience and perseverance, two ingredients for success in any era and any walk of life. Being an entrepreneur is always challenging; it is so almost by definition. Having the ability to persevere in the face of impediments and the patience to invest time and effort to achieve gains in the future are strengths that distinguish a successful entrepreneur.

Make Balance a Priority: Anywell-structured Yoga practice includes poses that strengthen balance. This is a sign of a strong core and enhances the ability to conduct day-to-day tasks effortlessly. Ensuring physical, mental and emotional balance in every aspect of life facilitates an un-interrupted routine. Applying this principle to the workplace of an entrepreneur – in the form of right-sizing, marker-checker processes, teamwork, etc. - ensures that the firm is not faced with avoidable disruptions.

Synchronisation of the Body, Mind and Spirit: The most important lesson that Yoga teaches is that we are a product of three crucial facets of our being - ourbody, mind and spirit. Paying attention to the development of all three delivers the best results. The takeaway for successful entrepreneurship is that success comes from harnessing the synergies that emerge from aligning the basic activities of a business (the body) with strategic direction (the mind) and vision (the spirit).

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