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Knowledge Base - 11 | 09 October 2013

Tick Watch enables to apply conditions and watch market movement at each tick. Tick Watch specifically provides those scrips that fit into given criteria. It displays change at every tick and introduces a new data row of scrip. The rows are appended one after another. The condition expressions are created using Condition Generator or Spread Strategy Maker. For example, if condition criterion is (% change >= 1), then scrips that have the 1% change in their price are displayed in Tick Watch. With every tick, change is reflected in the window

View Tick Watch

  1. Click Market > Tick Watch. The TICK WATCH window is displayed with the Select Portfolio

  2. Select a Portfolio you want to view. The Select Condition window is displayed.

  3. Select the condition. Selected condition is applied on portfolio viewed in Tick Watch window.

  4. If required, to change applied condition, right-click inside Tick Watch and select Modify Condition.

  5. Click Apply. The Tick Watch is displayed applied with the selected criteria. The watch is updated on every tick. The updates can be further controlled by using the Pause/ Continue right-click options.

    Condition Generator

    Condition Generator enables creating condition expressions that generate Filtered Market Watch or Tick Watch. These are formed using the given parameters and can include one or more clauses. For example, the Condition Expression can contain more than one condition separated using either the AND or OR operators. The And operator implies the two conditions have to met completely, whereas the OR operator results in an output even if one of the conditions are fulfilled. In addition, if required, the conditional expressions can be modified.

    Generate Conditions

    1. Click Tools > Condition Generator. The Condition Generator window is displayed.

    2. Specify the name of the conditional expression.

    3. Enter the expression details.

    4. Click End.

    5. Click Save Condition. The Condition Generator saves the condition.

Manage Conditional Expressions
  1. Click Tools > Condition Generator. The Condition Generator window is displayed.

  2. Select the Condition Expression. The expression details are loaded.

  3. Edit the expression, as required.

  4. Click Save Condition.

  5. To delete the expression, click Delete Condition.


  1. Create an Expression for: the change in price is about 5 % or more and the previous traded price is about or more than 52 weeks high.

  2. Select %change in the first column, operator as >= %change from the second column, from the third select >= 5, LTP>=52WK High. The Condition Generator creates the Expression. 

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