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Knowledge Base - 11 | 09 October 2013

Snap Quote displays real-time market information of scrips based on their instrument types. The Blue color signify a buy price and sell quantity; Red color signify a sell price and sell quantity. However, only a single Snap Quote window can be invoked at a time. 

Note: The information displayed in the Snap Quote window for a particular contract is same as that in the Market Watch window.

View Snap Quote (Equity Details)

  1. Click Market > Snap Quote (Equity). Alternatively, press Shift+F9. The Snap Quote (Equity) window is displayed.

  2. To view the Derivatives details, click Market > Snap Quote (Derivatives/Options). Alternatively, press Ctrl+F9. The Derivatives Snap Quote window is displayed.

Note: On positioning the cursor over any field in the Snap Quote window, a tool tip appears that identifies the field names.

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