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Knowledge Base - 11 | 09 October 2013

The trading activity begins by placing orders for the required scrips. Dealing with orders in ODIN™ Diet is an easy task and a key-press activity. ODIN™ Diet provides explicit order entry windows for the various market segments invoked using shortcut key combinations. Further, an Order Book displays entire orders placed for the day chronologically along with their current status.

The basic methodology of placing orders is simple, quick and easy. Placing of orders can be done within the Market Watch or directly inputting values in order entry pane. Depending on order type - buy/sell - the background of order entry pane is changed. The Blue background implies a Buy Order Entry and a Red background indicates a Sell Order Entry. ODIN" Diet provides separate panes for Cash Order Entry, Derivatives Order Entry and even Fast Order Entry.

The pending orders can be modified  or canceled, if required and simultaneously the Order book is updated.

Place Buy order

  1. Highlight a security in the Market Watch window.

  2. Click Orders > Place Buy Orders/ press F1. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon .The Order Entry window in the Buy (Blue color) mode is displayed.

  3. Select one of various order types and enter appropriate values.

  4. Click Submit.

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