This post describes about How to Modify Orders/Cancel Orders

Knowledge Base - 11 | 09 October 2013

  1. Highlight a security in the Market Watch window.

  2. Click Orders > Order Book or click the toolbar icon . Alternatively, press F3. The Orders Book window is displayed for that particular scrip.  Press F3 again, will invoke the, Orders book - [ALL] window is displayed.

  3. From the options available, select View > Pending. The book shows only pending orders.

  4. Highlight the order to modify/cancel. Right-click and select Modify/Cancel. Alternatively, to modify orders Click Orders > Modify/ Shift + F2.  To cancel orders, Click Orders > Cancel/Shift +F1.  Alternatively, click the toolbar icon ()/(). The Order Entry window is displayed enabling only few editable fields.

  5. As required, modify/cancel the details. Click OK.

  6. To cancel all orders, Click Orders > Cancel All/Shift + F3. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon ()

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