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Knowledge Base - 11 | 10 October 2013

EX Menu provides the following Exercise options:

  • Exercise Entry

    Ex Entry submit Exercise request for an Option for NSE /NCDEX segment, enter exercise parameters in the Exercise Entry.

    Submit Exercise Requests

    1. Click EX > Exercise Entry. The Exercise Entry window is displayed.

    2. Enter appropriate values.

    3. Click Submit.

  • Exercise Book

    Exercise Book is to submit exercise requests. Exercise entry submits the requests and the Ex book displays information of the entire submitted exercise requests.

    Usually, to offset your option position, you could choose to exercise your option. This implies that you would trade in your option position for an underlying contract from the strike price of the option. You can elect to exercise your option at any point in time prior to expiration.

    Exercise Book lists the Exercise and Don't Exercise requests chronologically with the latest request on. The pending requests can be modified, cancelled as required. A backup facility is also available. ODIN™ Diet also facilitates the exercise requests to be submitted offline.

    Work  with Exercise Book

    1. Click EX > Exercise Book. The Exercise Book window is displayed.

    2. Right-click inside the window. Various options are available: Column Profile, Save Column Profile, Filter, View, Modify & Cancel, CancelAll, Copy, Title Bar, Status Book, Online Backup, Customize, Unfreeze.

    3. Select the required option. Further, specify the data values as required to accomplish the task.

    4. Right-click inside the Ex Book window. Point to View and select the required status (All, Cancelled, Unconfirmed, Rejected, Pending). Based on the selected status records are displayed in Exercise Book window.

    View EX requests using EX/DEx/DI Filter

    1. Right-click inside Exercise Book and select Filter. The Filter EXPL window is displayed. By default, it displays the entire Exercise and Don't Exercise listing.

    2. Select Ex Type - Exercise, Don't Exercise.

    3. As required, apply the filters .

    4. Click Apply. The respective exercise details are displayed.

      Manage Ex/DEx Requests

      The pending requests can be modified, cancelled as required.

       Modify/Cancel Ex/DEx Requests

      1. Click EX > EX Book. The EX Book window is displayed.

      2. Select the request to be modified/cancelled. Right-click inside the Ex/DEx Book window and click Modify/Cancel. The Ex Entry window is displayed in the Modified/Cancelled mode.

      3. Edit the changes as required. Click Submit.

      4. To cancel all the requests from Ex Book window, right-click inside the window and click Cancel All.

      Take Online Backup

      Ex/DEx Online Backup takes online backup of the exercise requests in a separate file.

      1. Right-click inside the Ex Book window and click On-line Backup. Alternatively, click the toolbar icon () or press Alt + F7. The Online Backup window is displayed.

      2. To change path for the backup file, click Change and type a new path for the backup file.

      3. Click Generate File, a text file is generated in a predefined format.

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