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Online backup comes handy for the back office operations. ODIN™ Diet even facilitates to backup the daily transactions - the order  details, exercise requests and the trades performed. The backup file is in a plain text format and saved locally for future use.

Take Online Backup

  1. Click Tools > On-line Backup. Alternatively, press Alt+F7 or click the toolbar icon  . The OnlineBackup window is displayed. The backup is performed for Trades, Orders and Exercise transactions.

  2. Select the Market Segment for which the backup is required. On selecting the segment, the available transactions are displayed. For example , for NSE Derivative, you can have a backup taken for Trades, Orders,  Exercise.

  3. Select the transaction for creating the backing file.

  4. If required, click Change... if you want to save the backup file into a different location other than the displayed path.

  5. If required, select the User Remarks for entering the user comments also in the backup file.

  6. Click Generate. The backup is generated for the selected transactions: Order Management Online Backup, Trades Management Online Backup and Exercise Online Backup. The generated text file can be uploaded by back-office for future use. 

Note : Order Time and Order Entry time feature is active, when Trades Online Backup is   selected.

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