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Knowledge Base - 11 | 10 October 2013

Portfolio comprises of group of securities. ODIN™ Diet supports creation of well-diversified profiles. Securities from various market segments - NSE Equity and Derivatives, BSE Equity, MCX, NSEL, MCX SX and so on - can be clubbed together and viewed in the Market Watch. Manage portfolios is an easy and quick task in ODIN™ Diet. Default portfolio selection is configurable that makes the most favourite portfolio to be displayed each time on ODIN™ Diet logon.

  • Facility to search from available scrips from various market segments

  • Highly integrated Portfolio creation on the fly

  • Set up of Default portfolio

  • Updated list of portfolios made available in Market Watch at any instance of time


Using Portfolio, you can do the following:

  • Create Portfolios

  • Apply Portfolios

  • Modify/Remove Portfolios

Create Portfolios

Method I
  1. Click Tools > Portfolio. Alternatively, press Alt+F3. The Portfolio window is displayed.

  2. Enter a new name of the portfolio you want to create.

  3. Search and add securities. You can search securities based on Scrip Code, Symbol, Series, Market Type, Expiry Date, Strike Price, Option Type. Generally, you can employ more than one filter condition and search securities resulting in narrowed and precise search results. Dynamic Portfolio can be created for Futures and Options. For example, once it is created for three consecutive months i.e March, April, May and March month gets over, then it will consider April as current month, May as near month, June as far month.

  4. Click Save. The Portfolio is saved with the entire scrips from the selected grid.

    Method II
    1. In a Market Watch window, add securities/ contracts you want to trade with.

    2. Right-click inside the Market Watch window.

    3. From the available options, select Save Portfolio.

    4. Enter a unique name.

    5. Click OK. A new portfolio with the added scrips is created.


    Apply Portfolios

    1. Right-click inside the Market watch window, select Scrip Portfolio.

    2. Select a portfolio and click Apply. The details of the selected profile are viewed in the Market Watch.

      Note : The Market Watch can display multiple portfolios at a time.

      Modify/Remove Portfolios

      1. Click Tools > Portfolio. Alternatively, press Alt + F3.The Portfolio window is displayed.

      2. Select the Portfolio to modify/remove. The profile details are displayed in the grid.

      3. Select and add new scrips, as required. The selected security is added in an ascending order of the security name list.

      4. To remove scrips, select the scrip from the Selected grid, click Remove.

      5. Click Save to update the changes. On confirmation, the selected profile is updated.

        Note: You can open only a single Portfolio window.

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