This Post describes about the customization of different windows available in Odin Diet

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Customize implies changing the appearance of a view (window). The Color, Layout and Font attributes of the same can be changed to suit your work environment.

The Color change can be applied to the Foreground, Background of selected view. Configure the Size and Position and General settings can be applied in the Layout and the text font-face and other attributes are changed using the Font.

In addition, ODIN" Diet enables customizing as a right-click option.

Customize View

  1. Click Tools > Customize. Alternatively, right-click in an open window/ view and select Customize. The Customize window is displayed with three tabs:

    • Color - Customizes the color attributes for the given views

      1. Select the Attribute of the view you want to customize.

      2. Select a color for the attribute. The Preview box displays the text after applying the selected attributes.

    • Layout - Customizes the layout attributes for the given views.

      1. In Size & Position Settings, select Default to give you the default settings; the Last Saved displays the previously stored window settings.

      2. In General Settings, select Title Bar, Status Bar to be displayed in the window.

    1. Font - Customizes the Font attributes for the given views.

      1. Select a View you want to customize.

      2. Click Select Font to change the font attributes.

      3. Click Apply. Accordingly, the customized changes are applied to the views.

      4. Click OK.

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