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You can filter and view the records based on the filter conditions given in the Filter dialog box. The filter option is available for commonly used windows of  ODIN™ Diet : Trades Book, Orders Book, Ex Book..etc.

View Filter details

  1. Open any window that has filter option.

  2. Click EX > Exercise Book. The Exercise Book window is displayed.

  3. Click Tools > Filter. The Filter window is displayed.

    The example shows the EXPL Filter window.

  4. Select Exchange.

  5. Select the EX Type in the Filter dialog box. You can select various filter conditions and view selective Ex details.

  6. You can select All, to view the details of all the contracts.

  7. To view Exercise Details for a Particular Contract,  Select Contract and view particular contract details.

  8. Type the Instrument Name and Symbol.

  9. Select the Expiry Date, Strike Price, and Opt. Type in the list.

  10. Click Apply. The exercise details for that particular contract are displayed in the Exercise Book window. Click Cancel, to close the Filter dialog box.

  11. To view Exercise Details for a Particular EX No, Select EX No check box; and type the EX NO number.

  12. Click Apply. The order details for that particular EX number are displayed in the EX Book window.

  13. Click Cancel, to close the Filter dialog box.

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