This post describes about How we can Lock the Workstation

Knowledge Base - 11 | 10 October 2013

Lock Workstations is a lock mechanism that avoids unauthorized access to the workstations. The lock can be invoked (activated) if the workstation is idle for a fixed time-period or manually as required. The minutes mentioned in the time-interval in the Preferences > Workspace tab enables the lock mechanism.

The two occasions on which the lock is invoked:

  1. Click Tools > Lock Workstation.  Alternatively, press Ctrl+W. The workstation is locked. The window focuses on the password field. To resume working, enter the Password.

  2. The time-interval mentioned in the ODIN™ Diet Preferences is passed that is the workstation remains idle for the said time, the workstation is locked. Further, to release the lock and resume working, enter the Password.

    Note : In addition, the lock is invoked at a predefined time interval mentioned in Preferences.

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