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Knowledge Base - 11 | 11 October 2013

Charts displays the market flow of a selected contracts details such as time, last traded price, volume, and trend. Charts consist  of Basic and Advance Types.


  • Four Charts in Basic and Eight Charts in advance of different scrips can be opened at a point of time.

  • Charts can be saved along with indicators as templates and same can be loaded later.

  • Tools drawn on individual scrips are automatically saved.

  • Charts can be printed along with tools and indicators added.

Right-click anywhere in the Market watch window to view chart options such as Historic and Intraday chart. Alternatively, press Ctrl + H for Historical Charts and Ctrl + I for Intraday Charts.

  1. Click Market > Market Watch or click the toolbar icon (). Alternatively, press F4. The Market Watch window is displayed.

  2. Select the instrument name and symbol from the filter bar and press ENTER.

  3. Right-click on a contracts in the portfolio and select Historic Chart. The Historic Graph window is displayed.

  4. Click () to view the chart toolbar .

    The chart toolbar is the interface used for zooming in/out of charts and opening & saving chart templates.


  5. Select Price Style. You can select any of the following: Bar Chart, Candle Stick, Point  & Figure, Renko, Kagi, Three line brake, Equivolume, Candle Volume.

  6. Select Indicators. Refer Technical Indicators.

  7. Click Add. The Simple Moving Average window is displayed.

  8. Click Apply. The details based on the selected conditions are displayed in the Historic Graph window.

  9. To delete the added indicator, select the indicator by clicking on it. Right-click and select  Delete Series. The selected indicator is deleted.

  10. Select the Patterns you want to view. Click Go. The different patterns available are as follows:

  11. The Chart is displayed with the selected pattern.

Note: Right-click inside the chart to view more window options.
Note : To view Intraday charts, Right-click on a contract in the portfolio and select Intraday Chart. The Intraday Graph window is displayed. 

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