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Client Hand Book | 15 October 2013

This topic covers the following major elements of the Net.Net™ application main page. On successful login the application main page is displayed. The Market Watch and Order Entry pane forms the part of the default page.

  •  Index View

  •  Quote

  •  Member Id

  •  Client Id

  •  Logout

  •  Exchange Status

  •  Tool Bar

  •  Menu Bar

  •  Profile

  •  Ticker

  •  Market Watch

  •  Order Entry

  •  Messages

 Index View

The Index View appears on upper-right side of the page displaying the real time online information for NSE index and BSE index namely Nifty and Sensex.

The index value is shown by the change in direction of arrow. The direction of the arrow change to up upnew.gif with Green color when the index value increases and direction of the arrow change to down rednew.gif with RED color when the index value decreases. This is displayed when you login to the application.


         Quote provides financial Market Information on NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX and MCXSX segments. Enter a stock symbol to search for current quotes and info.

Member Id

User Id of the logged user.

Client Id

Client Id of the logged user.


Option to exit the Net.Net™ current session.

Exchange Status

Displays current market status

Tool Bar

Tool Bar provides quick access to commonly used functions


Tool Bar Icon





Click to invoke Chart page.


Scrip Info

Click to invoke Scrip Information page.


Market Movement

Click to invoke Market Movement page.


Best Five

Click to invoke Best Five page.



Click to invoke Buy Order Entry pane.



Click to invoke Sell Order Entry pane.

Menu Bar

The menu bar is displayed at the top of the Net.Net™ application main page. The menus are provided in the form of tabs on the menu bar.

For example, clicking on the Trading menu, the corresponding commands (such as Market Watch, Order Book, Order Entry, Trade Book, Net Position, Stock View, Funds View, Ex Book, Ex History, Limits Set, Ex Entry) are displayed in the form of links. By clicking on the link, the corresponding page is displayed.  Click Trading à Funds View. The Funds View page is displayed.


The Profiles created are available in the form of tabs at the lower portion of the application main page. At a time maximum of Five profiles can be displayed in application main page. User can create more than five profiles.


The Ticker is used to view the online market information of the securities for a particular portfolio for the equity, derivatives and commodities segment. The selected profile information is made available using distinct color code for immediate understanding. Blue indicates price increase, Red indicates the decrease in price value, no color is a constant price. Press Shift + F4 to view Ticker.

Market Watch

The Market Watch pane is displayed below the menu bar. The Market Watch pane is used to view the real time online market details for a particular defined portfolio.

Order Entry

The Order Entry pane is displayed below the Market Watch. The Order Entry pane is used to submit the orders.


The Messages such as system-related and exchange messages (order confirmations, trade details and so on) are displayed at the bottom row of the application page. The other messages such as Broker Messages, Order Messages, Exchange Messages view are provided in the form of tabs at the bottom of the application page.

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