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Client Hand Book | 15 October 2013

Market Information for the securities is updated on-line. Market Watch is displayed as a part of the main Net.Net™page. It facilitates viewing the detailed market information of scrips in the Equities, F&O, Commodities and Currency market segments.

The Market Watch displays and reflects the most recent price updates occurring in the market on real-time basis. Further, it enables displaying a predefined profile by default and browse required market details.

A customized column template can be saved for future use and can be applied to different profiles. On applying a profile, the placing of orders is also supported from within the Market Watch pane.

User can configure scrips and get quotes for multiple market segments in the same market watch. Since this is configurable almost unlimited profiles of scrips of different market segments can be created.

Profiles can be selected through single click using tab based option. By default, maximum of five profiles are displayed in the application page.

This topic provides reference about:

  • View Market Details

  • Place Orders from within the Market Watch

  • Right Click Option in Market Watch


  • Display of real-time market details within a self-adjusting grid

  • Selection of different profiles at a single-click

  • Customizable Profile in real-time

  • Place Buy and Sell orders at market price

  • Customizable display of market information

  • One-click selection of the entire (scrip) row

  • Arrange the column contents in ascending or descending order

  • Create five profiles of scrips of different market segments

  • Scrips can be configured through Market Watch

View Market details

On successful log on to Net.Net™, the main page is displayed along with the Market Watch details. Alternatively, Click Trading à Market Watch menu or press F7 key will display Market Watch. By default, the following market information is available on real-time basis:





  Expiry Date

  Strike Price

  Option Type




  Buy Quantity

  Buy Pro

  Net Change (Rs.)

  Sell Quantity

  Sell Pro

  Last Traded Time

  Last Updated Time

  Open Pro

  Close Pro

  High Pro

  Low Pro


  Last Traded Price

  Total Buy Quantity

  Total Sell Quantity

  Open Interest

  Last Traded Quantity

  % Change




If the market watch pane is empty, the profiles can be selected from the profile list drop-down above the market watch pane.  They can also be selected by switching between different profiles by clicking the profile tabs below the Market Watch.

To arrange the column data in ascending or descending order, click the respective column heading.

To customize Market Watch, refer Column Template.

Place Orders from within the Market Watch

Using the Market Watch pane, you can select the scrip that you wish to buy or sell.

  1. Double-click on the security symbol link. The focus changes to the Qty. (quantity field) in the Order Entry pane. The fields for Exchange, Instrument type, Scrip Symbol, Series, Expiry Date, Strike Price, Option Type, Order Type, Price, Buy/Sell fields will be pre populated with the data as available in the Market Watch. One can select the order of your choice from the Buy/Sell side.

  2. Type the Quantity and Price in the Order Entry pane. Click Submit. The Order Entry pane is displayed for confirmation.


  3. Click Confirm. On confirmation a new Buy/Sell order is added to the Order Book pane and the order status and confirmation messages are displayed at the bottom of the order-entry pane.



  4. Click Cancel, to cancel the order.

The orders cannot be modified or canceled after it has been submitted.

Press F1 or (+) to use the Buy Order Entry pane and F2 or (-) to use the Sell Order Entry pane.

Right Click Option in Market Watch

Net.Net™ supports right-click option in Market Watch for scrip/contract related functionalities. These options are available at different levels in Market Watch (such as Market Watch Tool Bar, Column Level and Scrip Level). Depending upon the functionality, these options may differ for each level.

The various options and their features available at different levels are as follows:

  • Highlight a scrip in the Market Watch. Right Click inside the Market Watch and Click Combined Depth. Alternatively press Ctrl + F6. The combined depth of BSE and NSE in case of cash segment and its underlying market depth for future segments is displayed. You can place a Buy/Sell order for the selected scrip. Click on the column heading (buy1.gif)/(sellimage.gif). The Order Entry pane is populated with the scrip details.
  • Add Column - Click to navigate to the edit option of the active Column Template page, for modification of the template. The changes done can be saved for the specified column template. 
  • Remove Column - Click to remove a column. This option is not applicable for mandatory columns (columns that cannot be deleted). if a new column is added then to delete that column, this option will be visible & functional.
  • Sort Column - Click to sort the column data in ascending or descending order.
  • Buy Order - Click to invoke Buy Order Entry pane with details of the scrip selected in the Market Watch.
  • Sell Order - Click to invoke Sell Order Entry pane with details of the scrip selected in the Market Watch
  • Best Five - Click to display the best five buyers and sellers for a security selected in the Market Watch.
  • Market Movement - Click to display the market movement of the selected scrip.
  • Scrip Info - Click to display the scrip/contract information of the selected scrip/contract in the Market Watch.
  • Charts - Click to display Graphical representation/Chart view of the selected scrip
  • Add Scrip - Click to invoke the Symbol Look up option.
  • Remove Scrip - To remove scrips from the Market Watch, select the scrip you want to remove. Right-click on the selected scrip. SelectRemove from the various right-click options available. Alternatively, select the scrip you want to remove, press Deletekey.

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