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Client Hand Book | 15 October 2013

Trade Book provides details of the orders executed at the Exchange along with the execution details such as traded quantity and traded price. The buy orders are displayed in blue color and the sell orders are displayed in red color.

This topic provides reference about:

  • View Trade Details

  • View Trade Details based on filter conditions

View Trade Details

Click Trading à Trade Book. Alternatively, press F8. The Trade Book is displayed with following details:



  Ex.Order No.

  Trade No.





  Total Quantity/Pending Quantity


  Gateway Order No.

   Product Type


View Trade Details based on filter conditions

  1. Click Trading à Trade Book. Alternatively, press F8. The Trade Book is displayed with details.

  2. Select Exchange.

  3. Select Product Type. Select Product type from drop-down as ALL, Margin, Delivery, AMO Margin, AMO Delivery, MTF, PTST & Margin Plus.

  4. Click Submit. Based on the selected conditions the Trade Book page is displayed with details.

To customize Trade book, refer Column profile.

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