This post describes about the market watch and its features.

Knowledge Base - 11 | 11 October 2013

Market Watch enables viewing detail market information of equities and derivatives on a continuous basis. Further, it enables displaying a predefined profile by default and browse required market details. ODIN™ Diet facilitates creating highly parameterized and customizable market details. A customized column display can be saved for future use or even made as the default display. On applying a Portfolio, placing of orders is also supported from within Market Watch window.

Using this window you can do the following:

  • Work with Market Watch

  • Place Orders from within the Market Watch window

  • ODIN Charts



  • Place Buy and Sell orders

  • Display of real-time based market intricate details within a self-adjusting grid

  • Highly integrated Portfolio creation on the fly

  • Selection of Portfolio on real-time basis

  • Customizable display of market information

  • Subjective market data information at a right-click

  • One-click selection of entire (scrip) row

  • Arrange column contents in ascending or descending order

  • Support multiple instances of Market Watch

    Work with Market Watch

    • Click Market > Market Watch or click the toolbar icon (). Alternatively, press F4. The Market Watch window is displayed.By default, the Market Watch window is empty. On setting a default portfolio through Tools > Preferences-Workspace,the portfolio is made available on invoking the Market Watch.

    • To add contracts from the filter bar, enter the scrip code/symbol; press ENTER.
    • If the contract is a derivatives contract, Highlight the contract in the Market Watch and press Enter. The Derivatives watch window is invoked that lists all the contracts of the underlying.
    • To remove scrip, highlight the contract and press DELETE.
    • To change order of scrips, highlight the scrip and use drag-n-drop to a new location. Alternatively, on highlighting use cut- paste (right-click options).
    • To view selective Market details, Right-click inside the Market Watch. Various options are made available: Scrip Portfolio, Save Portfolio, Title Bar, Column Profile, Save Column Profile, Size to Fit, Customize, Cut, Copy, Paste.
    • Select the required option. Further, specify the data values as required to accomplish the task.
    • You can add a separator and distinctly separate two columns in the Market Watch. In the Column Profile window, from the Available Columns, select Separator; click Add.

Place Orders from within the Market Watch window

  1. Select the scrip in the Market Watch.
  2. Press F1/(+) for (Buy Order) or F2/(-) for (Sell Order).
  3. Enter the required values and click Submit
To view selective market watch details, right-click inside the Market Watch window, click Column Profile and customize the window columns as required.

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