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Economy & Policy | 30 October 2013

Limits Set                                                           

Limits Set keeps a track and displays the limits specified by the broker to individual users. The broker sets the limits for all the users and securities on daily and settlement basis for all the market segments.

View Limits Set View

  1. Click Trading à Limits Set. The Limits Set page is displayed with following details:

    •   Description

    •   NSE EQ

    •   NSE Derv

    •   BSE Equities

    •   BSE Derivatives

    •    MCX Futures

    •  NCDEX Futures

    •   NSEL Eq

    •   MCXSX Cur

    •   NMCE Futures


  1. Click Refresh, to view most recent updated details.

  2. Click Export to Excel icon exportoexcel.gifto export details in an excel sheet.

  3. Click print.gif, to print the report.

To arrange the column data in ascending or descending order, click the respective column heading.

The Auto filter option enables to view rows of data based on the content of cells and conditions applied to them.

To collate information based on a column, drag the column heading at the top of the grid. The grouping of that column is displayed. For example, dragging the NSE EQ, generates the Grouping on the NSE EQ.

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