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Economy & Policy | 30 October 2013

Span Margin View                                       

Span Margin View allows the user to gauge the margin requirements of contracts across F&O segments, Currency segment and Commodity segments.

View Span Margin View

  1. Click Trading à Span Margin View. The Span Margin page is displayed with following details:

    •   Market Segment

    •   Symbol

    •   Instrument Type

    •   Expiry Date

    •   Lot Size

    •   Initial Margin Long

    •   Initial Margin Short

    •   Initial Margin % Long

    •   Initial Margin % Short

    •   Initial Margin % Long

    •   Exposure Margin

    •   Exposure Margin %

    •   Total Margin % Long

    •   Total Margin % Short

    •   Total Margin Long

    •   Total Margin Short

    •   Total Future Value Long

    •   Total Future Value Short

  1. Select Exchange.

  2. Click Submit. Based on the selected conditions Span Margin View page is displayed.

  3. Click Export to Excel icon exportoexcel.gifto export details in an excel sheet.

  4. Click print.gif, to print the report.

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