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  QWhat is Back-Office Code and Trading Code ?

Ans.Back-Office Code:- is useful when you are approaching with our Office for any matter other than Trading.
Trading Code:- is useful for any activity related to trade like; when you call our dealing desk to place order / when you are logging to online trading portals etc.
Note: Applicable only for Capital & Commodities Account.  These information are available on the welcome letter issued at the time of account opening.

  QWhat is Client ID and Client DP ?

Ans.Client ID:- is the identification code of your Depository Account.  In general Client ID length is 16 including the DP ID.Format of Client ID - INxxxxxx xxxxxxxx.  First 8 letters implies the DP's id for eg. Inditrade Capital Ltd., Geojit, India Bulls etc. Next 8 letters implies the Client Demat Account
Client DP:- is the identification code of the Depository Participant like Inditrade Capital Ltd., Geojit, India Bulls etc.

QWhat is Offline Trading & Online Trading ?

Ans.Offline Trading:- in this method client approaches the associated Branch / Sub broker to for the execution of orders.  The mode of communication can be walk in / telephone / Chat / Mail.
Online Trading:- in this method client is given the access to online trading portals for the execution of orders.  Online portals are capable of handling instant fund transfers & back office access. 

QWhat are the Online trading platforms available for clients ?

Ans.Inditrade offers their online trading services with brand & they provides two kind of platforms.
Web based Application:- As the name indicating this is the portal which can be accessable from anywhere via internet.  People who are roaming around can use this platform.
Stand alone Application:- A software is required to be installed in the system.  HNI clients can use this system with faster performance.

 QWhat is PTN ?

Ans.Asper SEBI 2factor authentication is mandatory for online clients.  Personal Token Number (PTN) prompted after the user logged in using their login password.

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