Inditrade Boonbox

Let’s Progress Towards Creating The Largest Rural Distribution Platform

Despite massive consumption potential, distribution in rural India is unorganized, fragmented, and leaderless. The existing urban models neither meet rural consumer needs nor are they viable, while traditional rural models are not keeping pace with consumer aspirations.

At BoonBox, we are building a New Rural First Distribution Model by collaborating with OEM partners, local champions, logistics service providers, and organized financial lenders. We aim to bridge 100 million rural consumers' aspirations through consumption pegged at $2.2 TN by 2030.

Inditrade Boonbox Impact


  • GMV: ₹191.1 Cr
  • Villages: 1.6 lakh
  • Brands: 41
  • Customers: 3,50,000
  • Partners: 08


Happiness Home Delivered

Inditrade Boonbox Happiness Home Delivered

Rural First Digital Infrastructure
Created From Experience


App based catalogue and order taking

1 Inditrade BoonBox Discover
2 Inditrade BoonBox Payment


Financed or cash-based orders


Rural first CRM with first ring human connect

3 Inditrade BoonBox connect
4 Inditrade BoonBox Supply


Intelligent containerization and order aggregation


Live visibility and authenticated door deliveries

5 Inditrade BoonBox Live visibility and Authenticated door deliveries