Inditrade Insurance

Let’s Insure Progress

We insure the Progress of our customers by offering access to life, health, and general insurance. We do this by providing a wide range of insurance cover from various insurers to meet every diverse need of our customers.

In addition, we are constantly working with our insurance partners for better ease of purchase and servicing through an ideal mix of physical and digital mediums.



We offer diverse solutions to fulfil diverse needs across different life stages. Each stage while being inter connected, is also unique in its needs and capacity to service those needs.

Inditrade Insurance Offerings


Identifying customer needs

1 Inditrade Insurance Identifying customer need
2 Inditrade Insurance Mapping

Mapping it against multiple products from different partners

Recommending the right solutions

3 Inditrade Insurance Recommending the right solutions
4 Inditrade insurance Helping customers

Helping customers understand the product and processes

Ensuring support in case of claims

5 Inditrade Insurance Support