Inditrade Micro Finance

Let’s Progress Towards Equal Opportunities With Microfinance

We empower women in smaller towns and villages with Microfinance loans ranging from ₹10,000 - ₹60,000 to start and expand their businesses. We do this by identifying women’s groups and providing joint liability group-based lending with easy repayment terms. All of this, with technology being at the core.


  • Disbursed: ₹2,034 Cr
  • States: 09
  • Customers: 6 Lakh
  • Employees: 984


Focus on


Partnering in growth
with a diverse product suite
catering to the entire

Customer Life Cycle

Our Products


is an education loan
₹5,000 with 25
fortnightly instalments


is a consumption loan for
home and business appliances. ₹5,000 with 25
fortnightly instalments


an income generation loan,
for new customers. ₹10,000 - ₹30,000 with
25 fortnightly instalments


is a booster 2nd cycle income
generation loan for existing.
customers with a good track records. ₹20,000 - ₹60,000 with
53 fortnightly instalments


is a Top-up loan for
existing customers. ₹5,000 - ₹15,000 with
53 fortnightly instalments


Identify potential
women entrepreneurs
with business ideas

1 Inditrade Micro Finance
2 Inditrade Micro Finance

Form women
entrepreneur groups to support each other and
be responsible for
the other's success

Automated credit
and KYC check

3 Inditrade Micro Finance

Digital application
and sanction

Inditrade Micro Finance

Train customers on loan

5 Inditrade Micro Finance
6 Inditrade Micro Finance

Verify the location
and disburse online

Recover with
interest periodically

7 Inditrade Micro Finance

Progress Stories

R. Prema

Kesavapuram, Tamil Nadu

Prema’s life dramatically changed six years ago when her husband, the sole bread earner of the house, passed away. With four members to support, Prema had no option but to start working as daily labor near her village in Kesavapuram in Tamil Nadu. However, not having a steady income and one that she could grow worried her constantly, especially for her children. So when a group of women from her village decided to access a microfinance loan from Inditrade, Prema joined them. With a loan of ₹30,000 Prema now runs a saree business from her residence earning approximately ₹1,000 — ₹1,500 per week. Today Prema is confident in growing her business further and fulfilling her children’s dreams. She smiles on her journey from housewife to entrepreneur. Support from ladies from her microfinance group and guidance from Inditrade has added to her confidence in ensuring a safe and secure future for herself and her family.

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Inditrade R. Prema

Laxmi Hanumantu

Gharkul, Maharashtra

Laxmi and her husband Hanumantu run a small yet successful tiffin center in Gharkul near Sholapur in Maharashtra. They wanted to expand their business by adding a sweets stall within their existing premises. That is when they heard about Inditrade from their relatives and approached us for a loan of ₹30,000. Laxmi and Hanumantu have now doubled their daily income from ₹500 to ₹1,000. They are next planning to set up a chaat stall in the near future.

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Inditrade R. Prema

R. Yashoda

Periyavoor, Tamil Nadu

Yashoda lived the life of a happy housewife with her husband and three children. However, seeing her husband’s income and the rising household expenses, Yashoda started thinking of ways to support her husband by supplementing his income while still caring for her house and her children. One idea that struck her was to open a small provisional store at her residence. Since she knew most of the people around her, she knew what would sell. At the same time, she would be able to take care of her responsibilities at home. All she needed was some financial support. That is when she heard about Inditrade and approached us for a loan. With a loan of ₹30,000 today, Yashoda does an average business of ₹500 to ₹1,000 per day earning revenue of ₹300 to ₹800 from it. Her husband and children also help her manage the store. Both Yashoda and her husband wanted to send their children to good schools and are now confident about seeing their dream come true.

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Inditrade R. Prema